Employee Time Tracking Software

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Passley time tracking software helps managers monitor what is being accomplished while employees are on the clock – allowing organizations to more efficiently manage the time and productivity of their workforce. Below are the main features of Passley time tracking software:

Custom Periods: Custom periods supports for daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and semi-monthly timesheet input.

Customized Approval Path: Supports custom & multi-level approval paths for projects / employees.

Email Notifications/Reminders: Customizable email notifications to remind employees for their pending timesheets and also notifies the approver for their pending approvals.

Validations & Policies Setup: Set up policies and validations for timesheet input for different group of employees, i.e. minimum & maximum hours per day, locking of next / previous periods and a selection of weekdays and week start day.

Expenses Entry View: Provides an expense sheet input view to input expense occurs against the project. Also, it allows you to enter mileage for the expenses.

Multi-Currency Support: Multi Currency expense entries with exchange rate history for specific date ranges.

Tax Calculation: Based on your regional policies, configure the calculation of tax and select tax or multiples taxes on expenses.

Billable/Unbillable: Billable/Unbillable option is to specify whether the client should be billed or not for specific expense sheets.

Expense Reimbursement: Track your expenses for pending reimbursement and mark those who are reimbursed already.

Attached Expense Receipts: Attached expense receipts / memos to the expense sheets for approver review.

Time-Off Accruals: Setup Time Off policies to specify accruals/earning based on each month or each year, etc.

Reset or Carry Forwards: Reset or carry forwards the balances of the previous period into a new period.

Billing Rates Setup: Specify rates for your billable entries to calculate the billing amount for invoices.

Real Time Analysis: Reports and real-time analytics track to show how much time/expense is pending to be billed or already billed.

Tax Option: Customize the invoice to calculate or manually input the taxes.

Custom Header/Footers: Display your company logo or have any kind of footer on the invoices.

Project Status Update: When a project manager approves a timesheet, the status of the project is updated accordingly.

Budgeting: Budgetary control and project budgets to control the costs associated with the project.

Automated Email: Keep project managers or your whole team up-to-date with automated emailing.

Project Risk Identification: Identify at-risk projects early, know which projects are profitable and which are not.

Cross-project Management: Use the cross-project timesheet report to track how your team is spending their time across their different projects.

Cloud Solution: Passley is fully cloud based time and expense tracking solution so users can access and manage their tasks anytime, anywhere.

Security/Privacy: The system uses exclusive encrypted login algorithm with private, secure access, automated servers, OS patching, DDOS protection and disaster recovery planned and backup.

Maintenance & Backups: Passley handles all maintenance and backups of your data on a regular basis.

The QuickBooks Integration feature provides users the ability to transfer information to QuickBooks easily. With the ability to transfer time and expense data, the integration module is an ideal solution for users who are working on projects or tasks that are to be billed.